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Office 2016 is the version that succeeded Office 2013 on Windows and Office for Mac 2011 on the Mac OS platform. It was released in 2015 and its focus was to add new, powerful editing features to the Office platform. It allowed users a new range of solutions, while coming up with tools that are easy to use, adaptable to their requirements and very professional. It has multiple versions, for students, business users but also for personal use. Just like all the newer Office versions, it receives constant updates, even today.

Why do you need an Office 2016 product key?

The important thing to notice about Office 2016 is that it requires a product key in order to work. If you don’t use a product key, then the app will just stop working. It will allow you to use it a few times, but you do need a product key from Microsoft in order to access all the features. The most important thing about Office is that it’s always designed with ease of use and Windows 10 integration in mind.

Can you find an Office 2016 download?

Yes, at this time you can still get the Office 2016 download ISO. Microsoft allows you direct access to it, and you can find all the information you need here. Understanding how Office works is important, but the process you go through to install this version is very efficient, easy to use and adjustable to your requirements. That’s what makes it a great tool you can rely on, especially in the business environment.

What features are new for Office 2016?

This Office version is known for the fact that it has the ability to save files directly to the cloud. You can save your files directly from your desktop and access your files in OneDrive, which is really helpful. At the same time, Microsoft also added a search tool for commands, more saving options and so on. You also get co-authoring, which can be performed in real time while users are connected to the Office Online solution. With this version you can also access support for SVG. Previous versions won’t give you access to this format, which is what makes Office 2016 very different and also a better option for those that need such a service. It doesn’t support Windows XP anymore, but you can still find tooltips that showcase Windows XP being used here and there.

Grab your Office 2016 copy

Using the 2016 version of Office is a great idea if you want modern functionality, great Windows 10 integration and a multitude of unique features. If you are very passionate about accessing the best Office services, then grabbing a key for this office version is a great idea. Hypest Key is always here to bring you the latest genuine keys for Office, and here you can grab a key for the 2016 version. It’s one of the top tools you can use for personal or business requirements!
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